Support your local skate shop

Wood and Wheels Skate Shop

804 Downing St, Runny Meade Estates, O’Fallon, Missouri 63366  (636) 281-5505

Chris Brooks - Not only does he skateboard, he is a professional photographer.  See his flyer below, he does a great job.

Levon Conkin - photos from 2007 to 2011

Even though we may not have current photos or videos on him here, we still want people to know where to find him.  He has been a part of the shop for many years.  Even though he is now living/skating in AZ, you can keep up with their skating thru Andy’s site, The RAD ONE .  To our reps if you haven’t checked out THE RAD ONE site, you may want too, there are some really skilled skaters on there.  Andy is a very talented photographer, skater and has done a great job showing a lot of the guys abilities.

Doug Genens - Even though it’s not often he makes it in to shop, he still skateboards all the time.  You will find him in Columbia, Mo now.  He now has his MASTER Degree and will be moving to Santa Barbara, CA to work on his PHD.

Joe Genens - Skateboards in Columbia, Mo. Is working on Master’s Degree at MIZZU and also works in History Dept.

Robbie G. - Lives and skates in Columbia, MO