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Wood and Wheels Skate Shop

804 Downing St, Runny Meade Estates, O’Fallon, Missouri 63366  (636) 281-5505

Wood and Wheels Skaters

Jake Schwerdt

Doug Genens

Joe Genens

Matt Votrain

Chris Brooks

Ryan King

Vidal Mora

Tyler Webb

Kenny Kuene

Drew Kruetz

Danny Strickland

Ryan Harmon

Scotty Laird

Corrie Smith

Robby G.

Levon Conkin

Besides Doug and Joe, these guys helped build the skate scene, some of them have been around since the beginning and some have skated their way in over the years.   We didn’t need to advertise, these guys were kids, they use to sit around planning competitions, team tours, demos, videos and much more.  They were able to not only get other skaters involved, they also were able to get their families involved with the events.  If there were 10 skaters involved in putting a video together, there were hundreds coming to see it.  They accomplished things that made others envious and wanting to benefit off their hard work.   The guys listed below are the ones you should thank for giving so much of their time and effort for making this shop a success.  Even though they had a lot of fun, they worked even harder.  They have given more to the skating community here than most of them probably realize.  They will always have a place in our history.


Even ones I don’t have photos of….

Adam Hamby

Brian Ruth

Kyle Shockley

Gunnar Denny

Alex Meyer

Brian Ruth

Colin Shue

Tyler Jones

Mike Bean

and many others

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