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Wood and Wheels Skate Shop

804 Downing St, Runny Meade Estates, O’Fallon, Missouri 63366  (636) 281-5505

Alex Meyer  sorry only found 1 photo on file and he was young.  He was good when this picture was taken.  He is probably one of the best we’ve seen coming out of St. Charles.  Wish we had more to show of him, he’s in several of our old videos but he’s even better now.  He does have a lot of people posting stuff on YouTube and the RadOne.  The last I heard he’s still in AZ.

Vidal Mora - Works at YAP Skate Park and is going to college.  He is married and has a beautiful baby Girl.

Jake Schwerdt - photos from 2005 to 2011. Even though we may not have current photos or videos on them here, we still want people to know where to find him.  He has been a part of the shop for many years.  Even though he is now living/skating in AZ, you can keep up with their skating thru Andy’s site, The RADONE .  To our reps if you haven’t checked out THE RADONE site, you may want too, there are some really skilled skaters on there.  Andy is a very talented photographer, skater and has done a great job showing a lot of the guys abilities.

Dan Strickland -